Your case will be handled from beginning to end by one solicitor with a carefully chosen friendly and reliable team who support the smooth running of the process.

Divorce and similar relationship breakdown is one of the most traumatic periods in life for any family. Dawoods is here to identify the relevant issues for you, advice you on your legal rights, help to resolve areas of conflict, protect your interests and the wellbeing of your children and help you start life afresh.

Dawoods’ style is non-confrontational, constructive and conciliatory and on your behalf, we will skilfully negotiate a settlement wherever possible. If it appears that an amicable resolution is unlikely to be achieved, Kumari and her team will go that extra mile to fight your corner.

When a relationship breaks down, there is no winner or loser. Our aim is to facilitate sensible, practical solutions and obtain the best outcome for you and your children, making what is often a difficult journey as smooth as possible. We will sensitively steer you through the process and try to achieve the most favourable outcome for you. In addition to traditional negotiations to resolve conflict, Kumari will discuss with you the suitability of referral to mediation or arbitration before proceeding with any court application to resolve your issues.